ostaPek® Trabis™

ostaPek® corpectomy cages.

Trabis™ cages are designed for anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion surgery with a focus on mechanical stability and maximized space for bone graft both at the endplates and laterally. They are radiolucent and therefore allow for precise radiological follow-up at the treated level.

Clinically used in Europe since 2000. Cleared by the FDA under PLR code in 2018 510(k) K173893.

Trabis™ technology is patented, has been developed in the USA and is manufactured in Switzerland.

Trabis™ is a vertebral body replacement system indicated for use in the cervical spine (from C2 to T1 vertebral bodies) in skeletally mature patients to replace a diseased or damaged vertebral body caused by tumor, fracture, or osteomyelitis, or for reconstruction following corpectomy performed to achieve decompression of the spinal cord and neural tissues in cervical degenerative disorders. Trabis™ is intended to be used with supplemental fixation cleared by the FDA for use in the cervical spine. These implants are intended for use with autograft or allogenic bone graft comprising cancellous and/or corticocancellous bone graft, as an adjunct to fusion. Trabis™ is also intended to restore the integrity of the spinal column even in the absence of fusion for a limited time period in patients with advanced stage tumors involving the cervical spine in whom life expectancy is of insufficient duration to permit achievement of fusion, with bone graft used at the surgeon’s discretion.

Examples of indications are Trauma and Tumor.

Trabis™ cages are available in 1.5 mm increments from 17.6 mm to 25.1 mm and 2.5 mm increments from 25.1 mm to 52.6 mm in height with 4° lordosis.

For complete details on the use of Trabis™ refer to the valid Information for Use.

ostaPek® carbon composite Trabis™ Product Brochure.

Peer-reviewed clinical publications on the Trabis™ system.