Spine Surgeon Workshop

Spine Surgeon Workshop

Hands-on sessions on spine cadavers or in an anatomy lab, to explore ostaPek® carbon composite spine surgery or nuances to surgical approaches. Teachers and students flip role often during the same session. Participation and exchange.

The optimal use of tools. An experience.

Performed with instruments, spinal surgery remains a hands-on art.

A surgery is presented and its sequence defined. The instructors at each station have the most experience. At table one, he is 60. Mean age of the students, perhaps 45. At table two, she is 43, but most of the “students” are over 60. In one hour, this will reverse. The surgeon who was a novice in the previous technique, but with a 2'000 case experience in next teaching session, will show the others in practice what has been learned over 30 years. There is frank discussion and the confidence that comes with joining others in action. Exploration as a team. No one leaves unchanged.

Open to surgeons and health care professionals working with Coligne products and technology.

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