Host & guest tours

Host & guest tours

Some gestures, details, adjustments can only be learned by observing a colleague performing surgery, in a private and protected occasion. Change of settings and a different perspective on a patient always bring ideas.

Continuity in the initiative process.

Every surgeon and health care professional can recall when, where and with whom they learned a fundamental precept in their field. It follows them through life.

If surgical knowledge can be found in books, its performance is learned with another. This can be a teacher from the past, the creator of a technique, someone experienced in a method that is new to the guest.

Designed on the premise that learning for surgery must be life long, Host & Guest Surgeries are organized to create a more in depth experience of a method and person on site. This can range from a custom mini-fellowship to a one-day program to see a surgical procedure. It is a way to expand your understanding and methods. Sometimes it starts a lasting friendship.

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