Developer Sessions

Developer Sessions

Every surgeon, nurse, sales assistant and technical person knows how to improve a system. But development is possible only via sustainable steps that really bring value. Discussions, sketches, case presentations are the starting point for change.

Evaluation, debate, renewal.

With every improvement in surgical strategy, each small progress in product or technique, there is another question to explore. The Developer Sessions are shared experience that can be defined by their diversity of method, frank discussion and respect for the ideas of someone else. It is not a place to seek a perfect consensus, because in spinal surgery, there are few.

A theme is selected. Cases and different methods presented. Questions are asked, principles and findings discussed. New paths are found, new directions to explore.

Open to surgeons and health care professionals working with Coligne products and technology.

For complete details on all available Coligne Courses refer to the coAlliance brochure.

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